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The Bachmeyer Press

We don't believe in a one-size fits all formula. Our goal is to tell every story with a compelling visual and emotional grab that leaves the audience with the perspective and vision that the storyteller is hoping to convey. We are committed to personally crafting your story's tone, style, and voice - so that your audience remembers.

Katie Bachmeyer

Digital Storyteller, Owner

As a storyteller, I'm trained on the art of listening. A good story is inside of every one of us. What I offer are the conditions and a container for that story to be given a life on film. 


From the old VHS camcorder I used in middle school, to today - video storytelling has always been my passion. Earning degrees in Video Production and Anthropology in Asheville, NC, I have a decade worth of experience telling stories through film, podcasts, newsletters, websites, and social media. I am now based in Cincinnati, OH with my three daughters, my best friend in life husband, our flock of chickens and herding cattle dog.

Other fun facts: 

  • I am trained in yoga and mindfulness

  • I am a social media minimalist 

  • I am a Fulbright Scholar 


Published works and films include: "Organizational transformation to integrated employment and community life engagement" Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation (2016), Wellness and Social Connection: Seeking Impact through Outcome Measurement: Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Data Forum (2015) Business as Unusual,13-minute documentary. Premiered: Reel Abilities Film Festival (2015) . 

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513 549 7567

Photo by Dyah Miller

What People Are Saying

Working with Katie is a pleasure.  She developed e-books, videos and other products that helped us reach a wider audience.  The feedback from users has been off-the-charts. Katie brings her own passion for inclusion and storytelling to the work - and pulls people together in a way that has everyone feeling heard and valued.  She brings a unique set of gifts to her work. 

- Jo Krippenstapel 

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